Testimonials from Past Clients

Hear From Former Clients of Our Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Texas criminal defense attorneys at Smith & Vinson share a commitment to putting clients first. We work to defend our clients against criminal charges, including DWI, theft, drug crimes, assault and more. As part of our commitment to justice, we make ourselves available 24-hours a day to assist you in getting loved ones out of jail on personal bonds. However, any attorney can say that he or she works hard and gets results – so, if you are looking for an Austin defense lawyer, consider the words of our past clients. Read the testimonials below to learn why real clients, real people, endorse Smith & Vinson Law Firm.

Client Testimonials:

Smith & Vinson both are great guys. Very knowledgeable and professional in their field of expertise. I will have to say: this duo will do an excellent job on looking out for your best interests in the court room. – Anon.

Fantastic job by these two. I was charged with a DWI, first time offense. They will work with you, plain and simple. DWI lawyer costs are expensive. They will work with you as long as you keep in communication with them. Both gentleman displayed the utmost professionalism from the first phone call, when I called in, to when the judge slammed down the hammer saying: “DWI is dismissed.” When you need to hear from them, they respond in a quick manner. Always available to answer questions. A friend in a low place, are these guys.

If you are charged with a DWI, especially first-time offense like myself, they will do everything they can do to have that case dismissed and sealed for good. The dumbest lapse in judgement on my part so far in my life, and they made it so I am not permanently ruined. – R.D.

The lawyers of Smith & Vinson went out of their way in representing me over a traffic violation. I worked directly with Brad Vinson. They did everything possible to see that I received a fair trial. Their patience and dedication to my case was very impressive. Even though I didn’t win, they understood that the principle of telling the truth is imperative to me. It was so important to me that I flew from my home to Santa Barbara to tell my side of what had occurred. I would highly recommend Jerrod Smith and Brad Vinson to anyone seeking justice. – S.O.

I was arrested for a DWI in October 2017, and by early April all charges were dropped. Because of the diligence executed by the attorneys at Smith & Vinson, the DA decided not to go forward with the case. They were consistently professional and maintained constant communication with me. I would highly recommend them if you find yourself faced with any alcohol-related charges.

One more note: I am located in San Marcos, which is where I was charged, and although they are located in Austin, they worked with me. – K.S.

I was very pleased with my lawyer, Jarrod Smith. He was always respectful, honest and I know he was there to get me the best deal possible. I was very pleased. Thank you for your time, and being a great lawyer. – A.M.

I was very pleased with these attorneys. They went and represented my case with the very best intention of me and my family. I would call them in the future if I ever need an attorney again! – Y.R.

Great firm! I don’t know how they do it, but they stay on top of the tiniest details, give 110% and provide very personalized service. I would highly recommend! – K.K.

Worked directly with Brad Vinson. Smith & Vinson Law Firm promptly helped me, and I’m grateful for their exceptional actions towards my needs. Outstanding performances, and thankful. – C.D.

Jarrod and Brad are very professional. I couldn’t have asked for better attorneys to represent me. I highly recommend them! – M.W.

Smith & Vinson is the law firm – and legal team – I trust. They are professional, diligent, and their work ethic is beyond reproach.

I trust S&V with the full gamut of my legal needs and feel I’ve come to have a personal, familial connection with the firm. They are aggressive when the situation calls for it, understanding when the human touch is required, and fierce in all of their professional endeavors.

I cannot recommend Smith & Vinson enough. – C.G.

Excellent and extremely competent trial lawyers! Very professional criminal defense and DWI law firm. Highly recommend to anyone in the Austin area. – K.S.

The lawyers at Smith & Vinson are hardworking, aggressive trial lawyers. I have personally worked with them in several professional settings and I can’t imagine anyone else representing me if I needed their services. If you are in Austin, Texas and need a criminal defense lawyer, I highly recommend Smith & Vinson Law Firm. – J.T.

Hardworking, diligent lawyers that will represent their clients with the utmost professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone. – B.H.

They will go above and beyond to protect your rights, would highly recommend them! – A.A.

Nothing but professionalism from Smith & Vinson Law Firm. Would highly recommend to everyone! – B.C.

Brad is such a joy to work with. I have consulted with Brad on many criminal issues in the past. He dedicates due diligence and passion to every element of each issue. He likes to see that defendants are treated fairly and does everything in his power to arrive at the best possible resolution. Anyone that has Brad on their side can take comfort in knowing that all avenues to a good solution will be exhausted. – P.J.

Mr. Vinson is a passionate trial attorney who takes special care with each client. When you hire Brad Vinson you hire an attorney who will pay close attention to your case and work extremely hard for you. – A.S.

A civil issue arose in Austin with a family member. We sought the advice of a well-named Austin attorney. This unnamed attorney provided egregious legal advice. In court, a lifetime civil injunction was ruled by the judge on this non-criminal civil issue. Once learning of this judgement, we immediately started looking for another attorney and found Brad Vinson, with Smith & Vinson. Simply put, Brad had this entire debacle reversed and a new judgement set for what is customarily ruled in similar cases. It didn’t take long either. I only wish we had called Brad first. He’s a real lawyer! – D.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Brad and Jarrod for handling my case. Both of these men represented me with much professionalism and didn’t at all treat me like a criminal. At times, I was skeptical, since I was facing so much uncertainty. Both men obviously could not predict the outcome of things, but assured me that they will work hard for me. They sure kept their promise on that! Both men took the time to get to know me and my situation before designing a plan to represent me. When I was in doubt with much fear, they reassured me that “things will be all right”. I am grateful for the representation both men have provided me, and without hesitation, I would speak volumes of their service. Thank you so much! – V.

When I was charge with my DWI case, my son was able to attain Mr. Smith’s number. From the moment I spoke with him I was certain I had found the right person to represent me. Mr. Smith was able to explain in detail what we were facing and what to expect. He kept in touch through the whole procedure and was able to walk me through every procedure that I needed to follow. I feel very satisfied with the results, Jarrod is a very trust-worthy person, I personally, highly recommend him. He was even able to help out with went as fast as to work on the payments without any hesitation. – Anon.

Jarrod Smith exceeded my expectations when faced with a difficult and uncertain situation. He was consistently helpful and available to answer any questions I had and walked me through the process. His prompt communication and timely responses were greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Jarrod and would undoubtedly hire him again if needed. – Anon.

Jarrod is very professional and fought super hard for my case. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent me. I highly recommend! – Anon.

Jarrod is an outstanding advocate for his clients. He is well versed in evidence and criminal law nuances, skills which allow him to level the playing field for his clients and make certain they get a fair chance at justice. – M.

Jarrod has worked on both sides of the judicial divide, both prosecutor and defender, and is well-positioned to evaluate a client’s chances and recommend what to do about them.

I first met Jarrod when he was a dedicated and diligent member of South Texas Law Review. He was dedicated because he volunteered as an assistant editor-in-chief. He was diligent because he pitched in during semester breaks. I know Jarrod has the temperament of a great advocate. – B.

Jarrod has all the qualities you need in a good lawyer: he’s smart, diligent, thorough and fair. He will keep you informed about your case. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him if I got in trouble and needed a lawyer. – K.

Mr. Smith provided me advice in DWI case. He listened to me and I felt that he cared about my case. At the end, I know he gave me the right advise. – I.

Jarrod Smith will commit himself fully to the defense of your case. He is a very compassionate and strong attorney. This coupled with his confidence in the courtroom let you know that you are being represented well by an attorney who cares about your case. – Anon.

Jarrod assisted me in a non-disclosure issue I needed handled in the Texas criminal courts. It is very clear that Jarrod is passionate about the law and justice. He is well versed in Texas criminal law and procedure. I would gladly refer anyone to him. He will give your issue the attention it deserves. – P.J.